How to Enjoy JRB from 2013

If you like Jason Robert Brown‘s musicals and want to listen to the two that he made in 2013, Honeymoon in Vegas and The Bridges of Madison County, try not to listen to one without listening to the other. Independently one is frenetic, high energy, toe-tapping, and peppy, while the other is slow, languid, and none of the songs actually end, but taken together they even out nicely. Both have great music. Two sides of the same coin and all that.


The Schwartz Modulation

I’d like to introduce the term “Schwartz Modulation” to the Musical Theater community.

I want to start by saying that I have the utmost respect for Mr. Schwartz, as I believe he is a fantastic and prolific composer. Indeed, I would not have noticed this pattern had I not repeatedly listened to many of his works. Composers all have their own unique cadences and progressions that they like to use, and one that is particularly favored by Mr. Schwartz is what I now call the Schwartz Modulation (SM). Continue reading “The Schwartz Modulation”

Theater Talkback: Against Ovation Inflation –

I agree 100%. However I propose to take it one step further and introduce the jumping ovation. As the standing ovation has become so commonplace as to devalue its original meaning, we should introduce a new form of ovation that not only goes above and beyond the s.o. but also forces the audience member to evaluate the personal cost of said ovation by asking himself, “do I really want to put the effort into jumping for this performance? Was it that good?”

Theater Talkback: Against Ovation Inflation –

The Book of Mormon (The Musical), An Opinion

The Book of Mormon is exactly what you would expect it to be. Stone and Parker (South Park) teamed up with Lopez (Avenue Q) and made an old fashioned musical with modern irreverence. At least that’s what the critics and marketing say. Continue reading “The Book of Mormon (The Musical), An Opinion”

Montreal Improv Festival

Wilder & Wilder played at the Montreal Improv Festival this year. Steve brought me along as the accompanist. We left Denver on Thursday at 4pm and arrived in Motreal at 2am via Detroit (30 minute connection – literally ran across the airport), Burlington, and a rental car. Coming back we left at 3am and arrived in Denver around 12:30. Continue reading “Montreal Improv Festival”

Backstage Camera: Forum Pit Orchestra at the Vintage

This is a live an image of the pit orchestra at the Vintage Theater’s production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I’m the musical director and I play the keyboard closest to the camera. We run weekends until August 8 and we still have some tickets left. Buy your tickets now before we’re completely sold out.

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