Snow More

So I think that Denver is done with any meaningful snow accumulation for the season, and I’m going to de-winterize our sprinkler system. Who wants a piece of the action?



It’s thundersnowing. Right now. In Lakewood. No, I’m not making this up.

It started with a very light snowfall. Then there was an incredibly bright flash of light that lit up the sky, like someone standing outside my window with a camera flash. Then about 5 seconds later, a huge, KA-BOOOM! It happened a few more times and it’s now more like sleet. But not really. I think the correct precipitation is “snow pellets.” So I guess it should be called thundersnowpelleting instead.

21:36 – Now the Lakewood Police are reporting they can’t get up the hills because it’s “like an ice rink” out there.