Fascinating Algorithm: Dan Tepfer’s Player Piano Is His Composing Partner : NPR

I get it. On a subatomic level. I understand this. When he talks about learning to dance on a new planet.

But it needs to go further.

Apply machine learning and not only static simple algorithms?

Decrease latency between keyboard input and algorithmic output?

Apply styles? Harmonize? Randomize?’

Want one. But better.

Tepfer sees jazz as the pursuit of freedom within a framework — a premise that underlies his work with improvisational algorithms and a Yamaha Disklavier. He unpacks the project in this video.

Source: Fascinating Algorithm: Dan Tepfer’s Player Piano Is His Composing Partner : NPR


Backstage Camera: Forum Pit Orchestra at the Vintage

This is a live an image of the pit orchestra at the Vintage Theater’s production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I’m the musical director and I play the keyboard closest to the camera. We run weekends until August 8 and we still have some tickets left. Buy your tickets now before we’re completely sold out.

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This post will be un-stickied after we close on August 8.

I Wish

Sometimes when I sit down to play the piano for myself, I wish there
was somebody else there to listen. Someone to sit quietly and to enjoy
the occasionally beautiful music I play. I would like to touch her heart
through the piano keys and move her to joy, anger, tears, elation. I
put so much of myself into my piano playing at times, it’s a shame
there’s nobody else around to listen. But I am very private about my
music. It’s a very personal thing.

Whoever my future wife is I hope she appreciates my music.

That is all.