Facts don’t matter, this is news!

Can the AP colossally fuck up the facts any worse than it has? Their story says:

Tesla says its keenly awaited Model 3 car for the masses will go on sale on Friday.

This is just fucking wrong. Elon Musk said in this twitter post:

Expecting to complete SN1 on Friday

SN1 = Serial Number 1. The first production vehicle. Nowhere does he say that they’re going on sale this Friday. He says they expect to complete the first production vehicle on Friday. He goes on to tweet:

Handover party for first 30 customer Model 3’s on the 28th!

As one of the first plebs to reserve the chance to order a Model 3, I would be quite well aware when they were being made available for sale to the general public. Not yet.

Get your shit together, AP. You really suck right now. Also, 215 miles is not 133 km:

Tesla says the five-seat car will be able to go 215 miles (133 kilometers)

Jesus Fucking Christ!!

A coworker and I have a running joke about how awesome the world would be if everybody just did their jobs. Not even 100% of their jobs, just most of their jobs most of the time. This piece of garbage doesn’t deserve to be called news. Certainly not facts.

Source: Tesla says its affordable Model 3 car will go on sale on Friday – The Denver Post


Dashboard cameras: What you need to know

Jeremy got it on air before May. Here’s the follow up to my earlier post.


As more drivers use consumer dashboard cameras, video evidence is playing a crucial role in serious accident investigations.

Source: Dashboard cameras: What you need to know

9NEWS Dashcam Consumer Story

I was just interviewed on camera by Jeremy Jojola for a channel 9 news consumer story on dashcams. Jeremy says that my footage was useful in a police investigation, and it was quite possibly the first case in Denver where dashcam footage was instrumental.

The segment will air sometime in May. The whole interview took about 20 minutes. TV news crews are apparently quite efficient with their time.

Phil, cameraperson, and Jeremy


I almost made this a Facebook comment in reply to an FF’s  (Facebook Friend’s, i.e., not a traditional friend’s) post regarding this day’s most publicized shooting.

He essentially asked America when its tipping point was.

I was about to ask, “When will we start hearing about all of the mass shootings that were prevented through compassion or mental health treatment or just listening to someone or other nonviolent means of communication? I guess those stories don’t make money.” Continue reading “When?”

Star Trek: TNG S1 Blu-ray set has an audio flaw, free replacements are available – Engadget

Hey, guess what? Remember that thing that I wanted and my love bought me for my birthday? They screwed up in the mastering process; some of the audio tracks are mapped incorrectly. I called the number and they’ll ship out the replacements when they’re available.

Oops. Looks like they need some more quality control. I hereby volunteer to watch the next seasons before they go to replication. I went through USC’s film school, specialized in rerecording mixing, and I’m super precise and picky. What more could they want? 🙂

Star Trek: TNG S1 Blu-ray set has an audio flaw, free replacements are available – Engadget.