New Bathroom 5: More Tile

No edging bullnose yet and lots of high-up-on-the-wall work to do, but some progress…


New Bathroom 4: Wall, Tile Work

Drywall is up, sanded, taped, sanded, mudded, sanded, primed, and painted.

Kerdi is up in the shower, Ditra is on the floor.

Shower is about half tiled.

New Bathroom 3: New Shower Valve Body, Subfloor

Yesterday was a long day. After a trip to Home Depot at 0800, we got to work fixing the plumbing first. By 1900 the new subfloor was finally in.

  • The sillcock was just a bonus because the floor was up. I tried to unscrew it from the outside but ended up twisting apart the copper pipe instead. That’s okay, we didn’t need that one anyway. I cut and capped its supply pipe.
  • The new shower valve body was soldered into place (14 solder joints!) and checked for leaks. Repaired a leaky joint (twice) and now all is dry. Still have to pressure-test the tub spout and shower head joints before putting up the Kerdi board. The tub/shower faucet (and matching sink faucet) hardware is Kohler Mistos in polished chrome.
  • The shower head was a standard 72″, but still too short for anyone over 5’6″. I added another foot in height so the water will fall on my head and not on the lower part of my face.

Don’t Tile This At Home

I’m installing tile floor in my kitchen. After weeks and weeks of removing things from the floors and walls, it’s nice to be putting something back into my house. There is nobody here to help me this week: I’m doing the tile all by myself. The helper in the 1st picture is there for moral support as she lacks opposable thumbs.

UPDATE 1 (2011-08-18-0811): Added pictures from Wednesday night.

UPDATE 2 (2011-08-18-2001): Added picture from Thursday evening.

UPDATE 3 (2011-08-19-2129): Added picture from Friday night.