Opportunity Power Knocks

Our house now has 9.975KW of solar panels on the roof and an SMA Sunny Boy 7.7KW inverter in the basement to turn all of that DC power into AC power. Continue reading “Opportunity Power Knocks”




Today we installed an over-the-range microwave that we had special ordered from Lowe’s almost a month prior. Most of the time was waiting for it to arrive. We really wanted a unit that had a mute button. Why must microwaves beep incessantly? (Plus don’t get me started on the awful UI. Can’t GE hire a UI/UX Engineer to fix the damn interfaces on these things?!) Continue reading “Exhaust-ed”

Tread Normal

No longer must we tread lightly when descending to the basement or ascending to the main floor. The dangerous half of the stairway is repaired.


New Bathroom 9: Finishing Touches

The bathroom is essentially complete. Only a few small finishing touches and touch-ups remain.


New Bathroom 8: Floor Grouted

The floor is now grouted.

2013-09-12 20.07.22


New Bathroom 7: Cabinets & Light

2013-09-12 05.33.31


New Bathroom 6: Tiles Done

All done with setting tiles! Also test fitted the new vanity and installed the faucet.