“Precision is Important” or “Lessons in Floating Point Math”

That 0.00000000000001 percent makes all the difference.



UPS (Mis)delivery: Public Shaming, Part II

After the failure of my package to arrive yesterday, I re-routed a couple of other incoming packages scheduled for today to a nearby UPS Store for pickup.

I get an email notification at 11:05 that my other packages are ready for pickup. I walk over during lunch. They’re not there. The person working there says they frequently do this, and that I should come back after 3pm or so.

Meanwhile, Amazon is making me wait 36 hours until reporting the first shipment lost.

Good job, UPS. You’re 0 for 2 this week. From now on I’m shipping all items to my work.

Source: UPS (Mis)delivery: Public Shaming – Phil’s Osophies™

UPS (Mis)delivery: Public Shaming

UPS, your online package tracking says that you delivered to my house at 12:26pm today. My video camera says otherwise!

Where’s my stuff, dammit?!


Wrong Way Driver

We saw this yesterday on the drive home from work.


Facepalm or How Not To Inspire Confidence

Either this person has a great sense of humor or I am in trouble.
Re: Typo

Also see most recent Osophy.



Where’s The Editor?

Notice any discrepancies? Like the fact that Colorado Blvd is East of Broadway?! That’d be some neat trick to get West 14th Ave all the way over there….

East Meets West

Water main break knots traffic at Colorado Blvd. and W. 14th Ave. in Denver – The Denver Post.


Pics of Soon-To-Be New House