O Comcast, Where Art Thou?

My home internet has been pretty crappy for the past couple of weeks now. It is so bad that I set up a SmokePing server to quantify my misery, as I have a Modem of Constant Sorrow that won’t stay online for more than a day or so without rebooting.

We’ve replaced the CM and checked the interior wiring.

What I really want is Gigabit Pro (fiber) service to my house, but apparently Comcast can’t or won’t run it the tremendous distance the nearest fiber is from my house: a whole two (2) poles away, right next to my nearest amp. 😦


UPS (Mis)delivery: Public Shaming, Part III

So Amazon customer service is excellent. Over chat and the course of 15 minutes, they refunded my lost shipment, I placed a new order with 1-day shipping, and they promised to refund the cost of the expedited shipping on the new order.

Source: UPS (Mis)delivery: Public Shaming, Part II – Phil’s Osophies™