A 100 year old paper article about ‘climate change’ : pics


Again With The Why (Not “Y”… Yet)

Why would someone choose the Model 3 over the Chevy Bolt? The Bolt is available now (at least on the West Coast) and has a 200+ mile range. Again, it comes down to these few but critically important differences for me.

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Save It

Ya see, folks, Bannon may actually be a strategic genius. The more he gets people stirred up and upset over everything that he’s doing, the more people get fatigued that much faster and the sooner they give up and give in. “Fuck it,” people say. The farther Left you are, the faster you get exhausted, which is exactly what he wants.

My advice is: pick one cause about which you care the most, and FIGHT FOR THAT WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT. Deprioritize everything else and quite possibly you should turn off the news and newspapers and TV. They’re strategically using it to their advantage — like I said, genius!

My cause is global climate change. I’m doing everything I can because, quite frankly, if we don’t have an inhabitable planet, there will be — literally — nothing left to fight for. I will speak up on those issues not because I do not believe in the others, but because I must be able to hang in the fight for as long as possible.

Phil’s Tips for Surviving Planet Hotbox

Let me tell ya something: it doesn’t matter if our next Executive branch believes in anthropogenic climate change. The next head of the EPA can burn all the methane that he personally emits for all it will matter. We’re way beyond thinking that anything we do now will stop these effects within our lifetimes, or those of our children or grandchildren. What we need to be doing now is preparing for the world that we have inherited from the consequences of our collective and individual action and inaction. Continue reading “Phil’s Tips for Surviving Planet Hotbox”

‘Intolerable’ Heat May Hit the Middle East by the End of the Century

I haven’t been there, but isn’t it already awfully hot? Isn’t that partly why everyone’s so cranky over there?

Areas of the Persian Gulf could be hit by waves of heat and humidity so severe that simply being outside for several hours could threaten human life, a study says.

Source: ‘Intolerable’ Heat May Hit the Middle East by the End of the Century