Quite an Interesting Day

I encountered the Presidential motorcade twice today. Once at about 1700 and the next at roughly 1830. Both on the same street, Adams. Once going to the Shrine—apparently for a fundraiser—and another leaving it. That Bush fellow shure creates one heck of a mess wherever he goes. There were several hundred protesters there tonight. What were they protesting? Who knows. Maybe the traffic jam he creates whenever he goes somewhere. 🙂 Sheesh.


Existentialist Entry or Just Phil Being Stupid ?

Okay, I’m in that strange place right now where you’re too tired to do anything, not tired enough to go to sleep, too hungry to not eat anything, and not motivated enough to make anything to eat. I thought I could come to me home on the web and make an entry about it but expressing my mental state is only exasperating the situation so I think I’ll go now. 🙂

I shot him because of the glare of the sun on the hot sand. 😀

Hundreds of the Greatest Hits!

My server’s front web page is getting hundreds upon hundreds of hits.
My counter says I’m racking ‘em up. So why does it feel like my server
is in a little corner of the internet? Actually, I like it that way.
Unfortunately, Google found my site so it may not stay that way for
long. Heck, people, it’s only on a cable modem right now! Upstream rates
are mediocre at best. Okay, I admit, I submitted my site to Google.
Shame on me.

In other news, I bought Avenue Q at the iTunes music store
today. Talk about instant gratification! It was both instant and
gratifying. I don’t mind having instant downloads even though it may
stand against some part of my philosophy; I can justify it by saying I
didn’t buy a CD so no plastic wasted, I didn’t drive to a store so no
petroleum products wasted. I delayed entropy by saving energy. But most
importantly of all, it’s funny and I enjoy the music. So beat that with a stick. Ha.

Tomorrow I have a Complete Day Off™ and I worry it will merely serve
to enhance my procrastination factor. I really need to get stuff done
but all I end up doing is writing in this stupid weblog not saying
anything anyway. Okay. That does it. I’m out.

The Moth Attack

So dB’s 473 class and I are watching the complete Empire Strikes Back
last night and right when the mynoks start flying around the Millenium
Falcon in the asteriod this huge ol’ moth starts dive-bombing us. Now I
usually don’t mind most insects, but moths just creep me out. They’re
stupid, ugly, clumsy, and this one was biiiig. It settled down after the
action sequence, though, possibly having been riled up out of support
for its larger space based brethren.

Screech, Turn, Crash

So I’m walking home EB on Adams from Hoover after dropping off some
Netflix films in the corner mail box when I hear a “screeech”—I turn
around quickly to witness a crash with a satisfying and disturbing
crunching & squealing noise; a dk red Nissan sedan hits the RR
fender of a white Geo Tracker as it makes a lt turn onto NB Hover from
Adams as the light turns red. Someone else calls 911 and LAFD arrives
code 3 a few minutes later. Both drivers are okay and I stick around to
be a witness for LAPD after LAFD leaves, but the drivers work it out
amongst themselves so no report taken. Turns out the driver of the white
vehicle is a teacher who went to USC film school many years ago and has
lived in the neighborhood ever since—and says he’s never had any
problems in 16 years living in the area (inferring that this is because
of the top-rated police force in the area), whereas compared to when he
lived in Silverlake his house was broken into three times. At any rate, I
do get a couple stills of the aftermath on 5274 for cinematography
class. I wonder how they’ll turn out.

Does this make sense?

As I near the tuition deadline for the Spring 2004 semester, I find myself saying, “I have to register and pay for a class that I’m not going to take because I can’t register and pay for a class that I am going to take.” Anyone who knows the hassles of USC’s D-clearance and registration system knows what I’m talking about.