When taking a video on your cellphone, hold it sidewaysNobody likes to watch videos with a vertical aspect ratio on a horizontal screen. And it looks ridiculous on the front page of the New York Times when somebody’s cell phone video has gigantic black bars on either side of it, making it completely tiny and unwatchable.


Film Production M.F.A.

P.S. Do this for still images, too.

Dashboard cameras: What you need to know

Jeremy got it on air before May. Here’s the follow up to my earlier post.

As more drivers use consumer dashboard cameras, video evidence is playing a crucial role in serious accident investigations.

Source: Dashboard cameras: What you need to know

9NEWS Dashcam Consumer Story

I was just interviewed on camera by Jeremy Jojola for a channel 9 news consumer story on dashcams. Jeremy says that my footage was useful in a police investigation, and it was quite possibly the first case in Denver where dashcam footage was instrumental.

The segment will air sometime in May. The whole interview took about 20 minutes. TV news crews are apparently quite efficient with their time.

Phil, cameraperson, and Jeremy