Community Week 2017 Celebrates Naropa’s Mission

The Pilot Light


By Kelly Watt, Assistant Dean of Graduate Admissions & Alumni Relations

Annie and me en route to DIAI’ve been fortunate enough to work at Naropa in a variety of capacities for the past six years. This time has been incredibly transformative for me, and I still marvel at how special our community is. We encourage ourselves to do more, to become better. We support one another as we grow. We are in the moment, always our authentic, human, imperfect selves.

Yet as I reflect upon my own college experience, there are things that I miss. The rhythm of the fall semester as it leads up to homecoming week, for instance – not that I ever attended a football game, or was part of a sorority, or cheered on a squad. But the idea of a week where the whole university community comes together to celebrate our shared experience, uniting past, present, and future generations of students?…

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400 line up to put deposits on “affordable” Tesla Model 3 at Park Meadows Mall – The Denver Post

Quotations around “affordable.” Well, it depends on your perspective.

Hundreds of people lined up Thursday morning outside the Tesla store in Park Meadows Mall, some prepared to put down $1,000 deposits cars they won’t see b

Source: 400 line up to put deposits on “affordable” Tesla Model 3 at Park Meadows Mall – The Denver Post