“Ermen… Oops” or “Hello, Carol!”

Hello, Dolly! 1964 Broadway cast recording, track 4 “Sunday Clothes,” 2 minutes 50 seconds in. There is a short musical break and an “oops” by Carol Channing in the recording studio. The break is 8 measures long but Carol starts to say “Ermengarde” after only 4 measures. She stops herself but it’s still on the recording. You can clearly hear her say “Erme–” in the right channel. Funny what kinds of things you notice when wearing headphones. 🙂

other interesting cast album mistakes


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

One thought on ““Ermen… Oops” or “Hello, Carol!””

  1. I just heard another one: Anyone Can Whistle, Original Cast, “I’ve Got You To Lean On”, Angela Lansbury at 1:38: “I’ve –” (4 beats early).


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