Zen and the Art of Keeping Your Cool While Driving

Attention Broomfield Police Traffic Enforcement: Make some $$$ ticketing impatient drivers who pass on the right shoulder during rush hour.

This has happened to me twice in the past month: I will be driving at the average speed of traffic (i.e. leaving lots of space in front of me to avoid excessive brake usage) during my commute on US-36 from Louisville to Westminster in the afternoon/evening. Agressive/impatient drivers will tailgate me for a while and, unable to avoid the temptation of the open space in front of me, will pass me. Normally I like it when agressive/angry drivers pass me; that way I can keep an eye on their dangerous driving behavior. However recently these drivers are passing me on the right. And not only that, but on the right shoulder! This is quite dangerous and illegal.

I understand my driving style is not for everyone. So go around. Legally. I don’t care if you want to zoom ahead in the space in front of me only to slam on your brakes 500 feet down the road. It’s cool. But I do mind you passing on the right when there is no right lane. That’s not cool. Not cool at all.

So, Broomfield PD Traffic Unit, if you want to write some hefty tickets, just get in US-36 SB lane #2 (the slow lane) in an unmarked unit during rush hour at SH-121 and leave lots of space in front of you. Sooner or later someone will lose their patience and pass you on the right shoulder.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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