A Horrlble Thunk

I’m sorry, little Sciuridae, but your speed and angle of attack this morning precluded me from any defensive action. Your decisive trajectory seems to indicate an intent of Suicide by Automobile. Although our space-time matter-energy positioning conflict may not have been lethal, I fear fatality is high in order of probability. Your movements observed in my right side rear-view mirror could signify survival but, alas, more likely indicate pre-mortem convulsions. R.I.P. at 07:45 on Indiana Street.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

One thought on “A Horrlble Thunk”

  1. Yesterday afternoon four baby squirrels rained from a failed oak-leaf nest onto our deck while the mother screeched from above. The fall was about 50 ft and it was clear of any branches to soften the landings. RIP to all four. Our yard has a huge and destructive overpopulation of squirrels but it was hard to see four little ones perish this way.


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