On Time, The Passage of, with Many Sentence Fragments

We cannot stop it. The relentless passage of time. It marches on, carrying us with it. Ceaselessly. Endlessly. Persistently. Unwaveringly. With a determination of spirit unmatched by any other force of nature. Nothing can stop it, slow it, delay it, distract it, or triumph over it.

This will most likely be the last blog entry of my 30th year. Time has me on a leash. The leash shortens the longer it has me. When you’re young, this leash has a lot of leeway for you to run around in a carefree fashion. But this leash shortens with time. And the shortening of the leash is not linear: it is more logarithmic. Time speeds up as you experience more of it. It has a cumulative effect.

This morning a red rose appeared. I take it as a good sign. Things will change soon for the better. They must change soon for the better. Because as I enter my 31st year I have less time to spend than ever before.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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