Thank you for your interest in (business name obscured). Unfortunately, this position has been filled internally.  Best of luck in your job search.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

2 thoughts on “:(”

  1. You did very well. In a normal job market, you’d be a top contender. Unfortunately, we had to select the Ivy League graduate, because having his school on our faculty looks good on our web page, regardless of how well he will perform. In a normal market we’d never get an Ivy Leaguer, note that most of our top professors come from podunk schools nobody’s heard of. In fact – isn’t this funny – you have a better publishing record than half of us! Ha ha! You can check back with us when the economy turns and our Ivy Leaguer leaves for greener pastures, as he surely will. But best of luck to you in the intervening 2-3 jobless years!


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