I’m So Very Tired Of This Over And Over Again

Sometimes… I’m just… so tired. Tired of job hunting. Tired of job hunting in this shitty economy. Thank you very much, American Greed.

I’ve been looking for so long for a job that has… you know… things like health insurance and a wage that will pay for… you know… things like car repairs and dinner with my girlfriend and … life.

A job that won’t slowly devour my soul.

Is that too much to ask?

Is it?

Come on now… employment… please tell me where can I sell my soul for a decent income?

Apparently having 98th-percentile smarts, a good work ethic, an MFA… all these things mean nothing.

Screw you, jobs. Hope. Career advancement. Let’s make crappy stuff overseas for Americans to waste their withering income on instead.

You can save for a rainy day but some day you’ll need an umbrella if it never stops pouring.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

One thought on “I’m So Very Tired Of This Over And Over Again”

  1. We feel ya, buddy. Absolutely right there with you, and losing hope fast. You’ll get no platitudes from me, I’m choking on them, I’m drowning in them.


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