Apple Slices Help Keep Brown Sugar

I found out a great way to keep your brown sugar from going bad and hardening up into a rock: seal in an apple slice. I imagine this would work with any moisture-retaining object such as a fresh slice of bread or a ceramic object of some kind that had been soaked in water (see: Brown Sugar Bears). But not only does the apple slice keep the brown sugar moist, it restores previously semifossilized brown sugar to its former pliable glory.

Seriously, we had some brown sugar here that must have been hard and dry for at last 6 months. Put in an apple slice and a week or so later we could use the stuff again. Not that I really get excited over brown sugar, mind you, but it was pretty neat anyway.

Okay. That is all I’m going to write on the topic.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

One thought on “Apple Slices Help Keep Brown Sugar”

  1. Actually…that’s a great tip, Phil. I use brown sugar quite often, as it’s a main ingredient in my “brown sugar ancho bbq rub.” However, every once in a while, I’ll go a month or two without using it. In those cases, I’ve used the bread trick, but there comes a point where the piece of bread ends up getting stale, and it doesn’t work any more. I’ll have to use “Phil’s Apple Trick” (you should copyright that) in the future.


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