A Tough Day

I thought that being busier would make me feel less lonely.

It hasn’t.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

One thought on “A Tough Day”

  1. Take heart,you’re not alone in your loneliness. Have you ever been at a gathering with “friends” and you still feel isolated? Do you wonder if they are really having fun or do they just feel reassured by being drunk while in the company of others? Sharing company without being able to express genuine thoughts, all they can talk about later is who they spent time with rather than who they connected with. Maybe they are just afraid to be alone and would rather just “fit in”.
    A major part of life is finding those with whom you can connect and share. For someone who is not very special it is easier simply because the world is made up primarily of people who are not very special. Expectations and desires are simpler, numbers are greater and connections are easier.
    Fortunately for you (even if you don’t agree)the connections may be more difficult because you have a rare combination of powerful intellect, wonderful sense of humor and great heart. While making acquaintances comes easy, real friendships do not.
    Anyway, they say – wait a minute – I’m not sure who “they” actually are, so I will paraphrase what “they” say so that I do not upset “they”.
    “They” sort of say that great pain makes for great art. Maybe great loneliness will end up making for great relationships


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