Rescue of the Day

Lakewood Animal Control has it now, but I found a little old black dog walking in circles in the middle of Yale Ave at Eaton Pl. today at 12:30. It couldn’t see or hear but it was well-groomed and clean. It must have been very old. Lakewood Animal Control came by and picked it up. I posted a picture and description on yourhub and craigslist and asked the owners to call Lakewood Animal Control so hopefully the owners will find it. And if the owners don’t claim it, I’m sure somebody will now that it’s all over the internet.

UPDATE: The animal control officer who handled the case called me at 3pm on Sunday the 13th and told me the dog had been returned to its rightful owner and to please take the craigslist posting down. Happy ending.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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