People, people, people

Skype? No. Gizmo. Open standards. Interoperability. AIM or Yahoo or MSN? None. Jabber. Google Talk. Open standards. Interoperability.

Skype only talks to Skype. Gizmo Project talks to itself and Google Talk and everybody else using the same standards. In fact, you can call my home phone with the Gizmo Project without paying a cent! SIP calls. Very cool. Skype can’t do that.

AIM/YIM/MSN only talk to themselves. Google Talk talks to itself and any number of thousands of other Jabber IM servers on the planet! I have my own. It works fine. Open standards. Open source. Imagine that.

So before you decide on a solution, ask me first. Don’t make me use some closed, proprietary software just to talk to you. Could you just imagine if only people with the same phone company could call each other? Or only persons on the same server could email each other? What about postal mail? Are you USPS or UPS or FedEx? You could only mail people on the same service. It would be a nightmare! That’s what it’s becoming with the “free” VoIP and IM services. As more people adopt them the closed systems will lose out and die away. Be on the winning side from the beginning so you don’t have to ditch your original service provider.

In fact, Gizmo has built-in IM and can text and voice chat to Google Talk, me, them, and my phone. Be cool. Support open standards. We could get rid of phone numbers all together. Ask me for my SIP phone address. It’s identical looking to my email address. And my Jabber IM address. Imagine that.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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