Deus ex mentis

Western religions, insomuch as they are understood in literal and/or rigidly dogmatic terms, are comfort systems designed to answer the unexplainable and to self-promulgate. Idolatry of a singular omnipotent deity demonstrates prepubertal cognitive and analytical development in favor of deferential behavior to an external higher power rather than one’s own self, self-worth, or internal truths. Conflict between these external directives and internal instincts, when not sociopathic in nature, leads to unnecessary and unproductive angst and guilt which could be remedied by adopting an outlook synchronous to the extent of one’s own self-awareness.

For further discussion on topics of this nature visit Agnostic Forums ( – broken link), admittedly some of the inspiration for this Osophy.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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