BOLO—Crime Alert Bulletin—Stolen Hearts – 26

I like posting random personals ads that I come up with so they don’t get lost into internet oblivion. I had an inspiration the other day and I just had to write this one. Not a great response, but I didn’t expect any. I just posted my creativity in the appropriate forum. 🙂


Suspect: Male cauc., 5’10”, 175lbs. Brn hair/blu eyes, intelligent, likes theater/music, can be found playing piano or working on computers editing video. Wanted for questioning regarding several thefts of young women’s hearts in Denver Metro area and abroad. M.O. is suspected to be for LTR, suspect typically does not seek flings or NSA/FWB.

Victims tend to be mid-20’s, 5’2”-5’7”, easy-going “cute” types who also share a fondness for theater and movies. Victims are kind, compassionate types who get along well and typically do not suspect his true intentions until it is too late. Victims also report that suspect uses his witty and dry sense of humor to lower their defenses. Be on alert!

If you see this man, please report him promptly to the appropriate authorities.

Attached is semi-recent photo obtained in recent search of suspect’s property.



Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

One thought on “BOLO—Crime Alert Bulletin—Stolen Hearts – 26”

  1. I would like to report this man. Can ID in line-up. Can do a composit sketch.
    FYI- He likes milk chocolate, pepperoni pizza, VW Jettas with Turbo, Cold basements.
    If you find my heart…he can keep a piece of it, but please return it full with a piece of his to mend it.


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