Why Doesn’t Online Dating Work for Me?

Why is online dating so difficult? Is it because of the cover of
anonymity that people become more inconsiderate and picky? With so many
seemingly great men to choose from, women can simply delete or ignore
someone who doesn’t fit her perfect ideal. At least in the offline world
she would be held accountable for at least saying “no, thanks.” (same
goes for men, too) Or am I confusing the issues and is it simply a
matter of logistics—that women can’t even reply to all the emails they
receive from these sites?

I also wonder if the promise—rather, premise—of finding the perfect
mate online blinds us to what may be available in the present tense:
have we become a culture of “latest and greatest” and does it permeate
all aspects of our lives?

The internet shows great potential to enrich our lives, but we have
to learn how to use this new tool. Not for the benefit of our
pocketbooks but for the enrichment of our souls. If we can survive on
its revenues then so much the better. But the sites that claim they’re
“selling love” only do so to the extent that you’ll believe it’ll happen
and only for a time during which you’re willing to pay for that hope.
I’m about ready to give up trying to find someone online. Maybe even
offline too.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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