MySpace spam: no way to know now

I just got three MySpace spams in the course of three minutes. What fun.

I would so much prefer MySpace to actually forward/redirect their messages to my e-mail address. Then I could filter it for spam myself based on the content/sender. But as it stands now, MySpace only sends you a notification of new messages and you have to log in to their blasted website to read the message. So my options are limited: 1) deal with the dumb notifications or 2) turn off notifications entirely, which I prefer not to do. I suppose the other option is to only accept messages from persons on my friends list, but I thought I did that already and the spam keeps coming through. Come on, MySpace, get your act together!

Some people have resorted to reporting the notification email to their spam system. I know because my SpamAssassin headers list the messages as being reported by other people. But the notifications aren’t the problem: and that’s the problem! I’ve resorted to whitelisting anything from because of the problems inherent in the system.

Oh why aren’t all my friends on Friendster?  🙂

It had to happen: MySpace spam


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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