Goodbye, Cruel NYC

It’s the eve before I depart NYC. I’ve filmed for a month. I should
know what I have, but I won’t truly know until I watch all of it. I took
the last few days off and enjoyed what the city has to offer, namely Broadway. Saw Avenue Q, Forbidden Broadway: SVU, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and tonight Mamma Mia in as many days (my wallet is still smoking). I mostly saw the last one tonight because a friend of mine from UNC
was starring as Sky on Broadway. 21 bucks for a standing room ticket
wasn’t too bad. He’s been doing the show since October. If I had to do a
show like that for that long I’d probably shoot myself. But it’s steady
work and probably good pay and probably kinda fun, so nevermind.

I hit the road tomorrow. PA then IN then IL then NE then CO. Then the
work begins. Or has it already? I don’t know. This city has me mixed
up. I’ll be glad to get back to Colorado. Gorsh I miss home. And my own
room. Or at least having a room to myself when I want to sleep.

Some of the things I won’t miss about NYC: B.O. on the subway,
humidity, changing shirts two times a day from sweating, giant rodents,
no birds or crickets, pigeons, the sewer smell, the heat of the subway,
rude people, blank stares, incompetent food deliveries, rude people,
crowdedness, no elevators, crowdedness, rude people, no privacy,
expensive groceries, no parking, inoperative trains, crummy weather,
traffic, tolls, and subtle state sanctioned paranoia.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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