MTV Question, Reply Reposted

On a discussion board I frequent, the question was posed, “Is MTV
chronicling the demise of our society or assisting it?” and I suggested
the reply:

The original question suggests a larger question: does
art immitate life or does life immitate art? I’m not calling MTV art (I
never watch it but I am part of that generation), but being in film
& video production myself, I have to believe in the latter. The
filmmaker interprets life into his “art,” which is then reintegrated
into his environment by those who view it. The filmmaker’s
responsibility is awesome: the ability to shape the very foundations of
his society. The filmmaker’s power is not as obvious as that of an E.R.
doctor nor are the results as immediate. In fact the results may not
even be noticed in the filmmaker’s lifetime, by which time it will be
too late.

So all of this is to say that I advocate responsible filmmaking. If
it’s done well it will impart some positive value while concealing
itself with entertainment (or at least not forward the debasement of our
society). Perhaps as the pendulum swings back groups like Cinemanifest will pop up reborn.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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