Bosal Towbar 027-494 Installed

This is their “ecofit” model. You can’t buy them in the USA, but if you live in Europe you’re in luck. I wanted a factory option on a towing device and this fit the bill. So much cooler than the American options. The towbar bolts in to factory holes in the subframe, replacing the rear bumper (not bumper cover). There were little pulltabs on my car which if you ripped them off with pliers would reveal the hole for the bolt. Pug ‘n’ play. The towball locks into the receiver with a bolt and key-locked cap that keeps it in place. It’s 50mm or just under 2” and rated for 75 kg tounge weight and 1600 kg maximum trailer weight. My car actually came with a 4 pin trailer plug so I just routed it to near the hitch.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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