Some introspective (un)answered questions

Do people love being in love or are people just in love with the idea
of being in love? Do you remember being in love? Do you remember
falling out of love? Do you remember that stasis between the two? Which
do you prefer?

What does intimacy mean? Why have I not found someone? Have I been
looking? Have I missed her? Is she right under my nose? Is that my upper

Why does sex sell? What’s wrong with the media? What’s right with the media? Why so many questions?

What is happiness? How do I achieve it? What do I need to be happy?
What do I not need? What do I want? What do I do to get what I want? Is
that working? Should I do something else? What should I do differently?
How do my needs differ from my wants? Where is the disconnect?

Will I think of any better questions? Will you ask yourself these questions? Will you answer them? Will I answer them? Do you even care? Has this been too much for one entry?

Are you out there?


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

One thought on “Some introspective (un)answered questions”

  1. Both. Yes. Yes. Yes. Being in love. Feeling like yourself with another. Because it’s tough. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Because it’s fun. Lots. Lots. Don’t know. In and Out Burger. Go to In and Out Burger. Double-double. Soda. Double Double. Order a double double. Yes. No. Don’t know. Don’t know. Don’t know. Yes. Yes. Yes. Don’t know. Yes, oddly. Yes. Yes.


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