Whose Line—Irish Drinking Song

This cracked me up. If you don’t know Whose Line…?, watch it.

(order: Wayne, Chip, Colin, Ryan; subject: something that could go bad on a date—falling out of the car) Now, you have to sing this as you read it, or it won’t be as much fun.

Oh, Heidi-didi-didi-didi, didi-didi-di

My date and I were drivin’
I’m lucky to be alive
We were goin over 60
It wasn’t my kind of jive
Then my door opened
It could not be beat
I fell right out
…Boy, that was neat

Oh, Heidi-didi-didi-didi, didi-didi-di

She rolled out on the pavement
She didn’t have on her belt
She screamed at me as I took off
“Damn, that was hard, it felt”
I cried until I s-saw her
Then I stopped again
I turned the car around
And drove and picked up her best friend

Oh, Heidi-didi-didi-didi, didi-didi-di

I had to go for help
I ran and ran and ran
I ran a little more
Until I saw this man
I said, “Can you help me?”
He looked at me and said no
I had to hit him
Your girl is on their dough

Oh, Heidi-didi-didi-didi, didi-didi-di

Oh, finally she forgave me
Now we’re married
She can almost walk now
Boy, we are not harried
This is a day we’ll never forget
We will not
And every night we drive
She has gravel in her snot

Oh, Heidi-didi-didi-didi, didi-didi-di
Oh, Heidi-didi-didi-didi, didi-didi-di

(They almost couldn’t keep it together on Colin’s last line.)


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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