Whores, Goddamnit

Saw the national tour of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas last night at the Cerritos Prrforming Arts Center. That’s a nice venue. Large theatre, not-too-comfortable seats. Anyway, my friend Jenny Gelwick was in the show as Linda Lou (one of the girls). They wrap up their tour in March at the Kodak after taking another swing around the country starting in a few days.

My thoughts on the show—well, I enjoyed it. It looked like fun. I could go into a critical analysis of the set, direction, choreography, stuff like that, but I’ll just say that the performers were too good for the show—they deserve better. Miss Mona (Tori Lynn Palazola) has a fantastic voice, the Sheriff (Gary Kimble) is a tremendous presence and a joy to watch, and the ensemble work well together. That’s my friendly informal review. One item of note, however: if you do see the show, Jenny went to the University of Northern Colorado, not North Carolina.

The following photo blatantly stolen from a cast member’s Friendster profile:


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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