Wag the Public

Doesn’t it seem convenient that this Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal has
prompted violent retribution from the radical militant Islamic groups?
Now this soldier found in the conveniently extremely well documented
prisoner abuse photographs says she was ordered to pose that way? I
think she and others like her are going to take the fall as patsies. The
US will take the blame but before any more major reforms can be made
there will be more retribution from terrorist cells and/or the US will
counter-retalliate and we’ll see a major clampdown and possibly an
excuse to postpone the June 30 handover. Or at least another major
offensive in the Middle East focused towards yet another scapegoat. And
while we’re on the subject of beheadings, why are we allies with Saudi
Arabia? Does the Bush administration really believe that we’re stupid
enough to believe that we’re fighting a war for “freedom” while at the
same time they say things like “We have to worry about the menace, not
the morals.” Give me a break! You know what, forget about it, just go
fill up your car and buy some stuff.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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