Screech, Turn, Crash

So I’m walking home EB on Adams from Hoover after dropping off some
Netflix films in the corner mail box when I hear a “screeech”—I turn
around quickly to witness a crash with a satisfying and disturbing
crunching & squealing noise; a dk red Nissan sedan hits the RR
fender of a white Geo Tracker as it makes a lt turn onto NB Hover from
Adams as the light turns red. Someone else calls 911 and LAFD arrives
code 3 a few minutes later. Both drivers are okay and I stick around to
be a witness for LAPD after LAFD leaves, but the drivers work it out
amongst themselves so no report taken. Turns out the driver of the white
vehicle is a teacher who went to USC film school many years ago and has
lived in the neighborhood ever since—and says he’s never had any
problems in 16 years living in the area (inferring that this is because
of the top-rated police force in the area), whereas compared to when he
lived in Silverlake his house was broken into three times. At any rate, I
do get a couple stills of the aftermath on 5274 for cinematography
class. I wonder how they’ll turn out.


Author: PhilRW

software engineer, pianist, polymath

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